Mindy Hunt Mystery Stories

Publishers | Grossout and Dunfor | San Francisco

“She is pretty, blond, about sixteen. Has shiny, golden curls, is resourceful and alert. Enjoys all types of games, especially golf. This shows her lively spirit, She has attended River Heights High School. Nancy is generous to a fault. Is the most popular young person in River Heights.”

– excerpt from “Detailed Information and Data about Nancy Drew Herself;” quoted by Melanie Rehak, Girl Sleuth (2005)

“She has this poise and calmness and a power that provide hope. She turns a light on when you’re dealing with this very dark subject matter.”

– Steve Daley, a former police officer, on Elizabeth Smart, from “Gone Girl,” The New Yorker (October 21, 2013)

“He was a goddamn private detective in a country with neither detectives nor private people; he felt more like a bad metaphor for a strange reality.”

– description of Mario Conde, Leonardo Padura, quoted in “Private Eyes,” The New Yorker (October 21, 2013)

“Padura’s hero loathes the place, “designed to exclude the scruffy Cuban but enable the rich and beautiful of the world to enjoy yachts, beaches, meals, obliging whores and lots of skin flattering sun.” The streets of Havana are even worse – the inverse of a workers’ paradise, where the teeming citizens are “trapped by an anxiety that could only be relieved through shouting, violent gestures and resentful glances.” … Like Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, Padura’s Havana is a geography of human failings: streets are filthy; elevators don’t work; the well connected have good Scotch and expensive cars while the rest go hungry.”

– regarding Leonardo Padura, “Private Eyes,” The New Yorker (October 21, 2013)